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How Pierre Works: Simply and Effectively

Pierre was designed as a simple interactive platform that connects pet owners with pet service providers.

How it Works - Pierre

Why Pierre?

Pierre allows you to get found, booked, and paid efficiently.

Where do I sign up?

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Why do pet owners use Pierre?

Pet owners easily search and select pet service providers from phones, tablets, and laptops.

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  • Loving Care in a Safe, Attentive, and Committed Environment

    Pets deserve a loving environment especially when boarding with a new person/company, are getting groomed, learning new tricks, or enjoying day care. Our merchants provide doting reassurances when pets are most vulnerable, and that's a pretty cool thing.

  • Trusted Pet Service Providers

    When we approve a merchant account, we do so with our personal reputation on the line. Our partnering process gives pet owners the assurances they need from a trusted source. When you make our cut, your trusted rating precedes you.

  • Building your Business and Reputation

    Customer service is a large part of our success at Pierre, and we can help you enhance your skills to reflect our mission. We make it simple for your customers to leave you feedback and reviews through our mobile app.

  • Affordable & Personalized Care

    When it comes to pricing, know your audience and what they expect from your services. Pet services should be available to everyone, and doing your homework on what pet owners will pay in your area will help you remain competitive.


To help your pet services company succeed, Pierre provides features that make your life as easy as woof, woof, cha-ching!

Accepting credit card payments - Pierre

Accept Credit Cards & Other Online Payments

The idea that cash is king is antiquated. It can also be downright risky to keep cash onsite at your home or business. Allow your customers the flexibility of paying with the platform they prefer, giving you a leg up in the booking world.

  • Get paid upfront
  • Eliminate cancellations
Create availability - Pierre

Create & Organize Your Availability

Your availability should not be a guessing game when it comes to online booking capabilities. Keep your schedule open, easy to read, and flexible to obtain business others are missing out on.

  • Create your own schedule
  • Secure appointments online
  • Establish flexibility by opening your calendar to clients for easier booking
  • Remain organized with an electronic calendar
  • View your schedule anytime, from anywhere
  • Integrate with your schedule with iCloud for backup and safety
Add your pet services - Pierre

Clearly List Your Pet Services for Review

While your profile should be succinct, it should also list all the services you provide so you can reach the largest pool of customers.

  • List your pet services through our intuitive dashboard
  • Leave no question unanswered by developing a fully-functioning profile
Get alerted each time when order comes in - Pierre

Receive Alerts When Services are Booked

Our software allows you to get booked no matter where you are, and we send the notifications to prove it. Even if you’re taking the day off, Pierre is booking future appointments on your behalf.

  • Know when a prospective client has a question, or needs more information
  • Receive booking confirmations as soon as they are scheduled
Create your own deals & offers - Pierre

Outline Your Own Pricing, Deals, and Promotional Offers

Straightforward, competitive pricing is a terrific way to be recognized by pet owners who need your services. Pricing can also be used to drive traffic, and promote your services with fun, limited-time offers.

  • Create professional rates for immediate review
  • Drive traffic with holiday specials and promotions
  • Establish loyalty programs for clients with repeat bookings
Manage your Schedule - Pierre

Track Your Results

Want to review your results at a glance? We’ve got you covered. Simply login to your account, and get all the trackable information you need to visualize growth areas, and celebrate your successes.

Track your results - Pierre

Use the dashboard to review:

  • Bookings
  • Cash flow
  • Growth

What You Need to Know About Pierre

Search our frequently asked questions to get quick answers, and a better understanding of our processes. Can’t find what you need here? Contact us for more information.

What is Pierre?

Pierre is an exceptionally designed website and app that allows pet owners to match their pet services needs with pet boarding, dog day care, pet grooming, and dog training professionals in their area. The merchants are matched with pet owners based on their profiles, pricing, and availability.

Is Pierre in my city or town?

Pierre is available in Los Angeles, and NYC with plans to expand into the rest of the country.

Why do people use Pierre?

Pet owners consider their furry friends to be more than a pet, but family. We couldn’t agree more! They use Pierre to search for qualified, loving pet service providers they can partner with for an emergency or planned pet grooming appointment, long-term dog day care needs, and pet training and boarding essentials. Our merchants are fully screened, background checked, and interviewed to ensure we are displaying only the best service providers in California for pet owners to choose from.

How do I get started with a merchant account?

Create an account at Pierre by signing up, entering your profile information, credentials, and personal criteria. We make the sign-up process easy, but take our enrollment process very seriously. Not everyone who applies for a Pierre account will be approved. Our selective process allows us to provide an exceptional platform for pet owners and service providers alike.

How does the application process work?

Once you have completed the enrollment process, a Pierre representative will be assigned to your account to review your profile. Your personal information, credentials, and profile will be reviewed thoroughly and considered for approval. Approval usually takes 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to establish a merchant account?

When the enrollment process is completed properly and fully from the beginning, a Pierre account can be activated in days. The less information you provide, the longer it will take to verify your account. Thorough participation is key to timely merchant approval.

How much should I charge for my services?

The pet services industry is competitive, and will require research on your part to ensure you are participating on similar pricing structures as other providers. Based on your location, your services, and your experience, pricing may differ from other participating providers. Pierre cannot determine exact pricing strategies for providers. Our advice is to remain competitive, and provide exceptional customer service to help set your business apart.

How do I get paid?

Pet owners book your services directly, which means they pay you directly through the website or app. The software platform will calculate Pierre’s percentage, remove it from the total amount, and deposit the balance into the account you identify in your merchant profile.

Do I need insurance for merchant protection?

Pierre requires that all pet service stores have liability insurance in place.

What type of support is expected from Pierre’s merchants?

Merchants must provide 24/7 communication with pet owners, and be open to taking pictures of pets and sharing them with pet parents throughout the day, or while they are under your boarding care. Personal relationships enhance the Pierre experience, and boosts long-term partnerships between pet parents and service providers.

What type of support does Pierre offer to merchants?

Pierre provides 24/7 support to our merchants and the pet parents who use our platform. We wouldn’t expect you to make yourself available if we weren’t willing to do the same. If you have trouble with bookings or payments, or simply have questions about enhancing your business with a Pierre account, contact us for technical help or to speak to a customer service representative to learn more about our process.

Will Pierre help grow my business?

Pierre creates a solution for merchants to get in front of pet owners and speak to their target markets. This means you get more exposure, more traffic, and more opportunities to convert pet owners into actual clients. This leads to more business, and a heftier bottom line.

Who can create a merchant account?

At Pierre submission of a merchant profile does not guarantee that your services will be listed on our platform. If you are a good fit to represent Pierre’s values and commitment to quality care, you will be automatically approved once your profile is 100% complete.

Can I refuse service to problem clients?

Your business is yours to manage. If you have trouble with certain clients, and their approach to participating in a professional relationship, you may provide them with the business terms that state your position.

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