Top Ten Dog Parks in Los Angeles


If you are searching for a place to take your fur babies — big and small alike — the following public spaces get five paws, and include the top ten dog parks in and around Los Angeles, California, a few honorable mentions, and dog-friendly, fence-free spaces that are fit for the enjoyment of both active pups and their attentive owners.

So, grab a leash, and let’s go for a ride!

L.A. Live Dog Park

L.A. Live Way & West

Los Angeles, California 90015

(213) 765-6844

The Hours: Not listed 

The Parking: There is minimal street parking, but visitors can park at LA Live for a fee of $10 for two hours. 

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: The grounds are wood chipped, which keeps the dust down, and the dogs clean. The area is well-maintained, and fully fenced into two separate sides: one for small dogs and one for large dogs. 

The Doggone Details: There are lots of plants for the dogs to sniff, but very little shade, which means it can get hot for both dogs and owners during the mid-afternoons. There are water fountains and waste bags for visitors to use, but very little in the way of extra dog park amenities. 

The space is near the highway, and crossing busy streets is a necessity, so be sure you and your pup are on the lookout for distracted or speeding drivers. 

The park is patrolled by L.A. Live security officers and contains surveillance cameras and an emergency call box.  

Pasadena Off-Leash Dog Park, also known as, Alice’s Dog Park

3026 East Orange Grove

Pasadena, California 91107

The Hours: Monday, 6am – 6pm; Closed Tuesdays; Wednesday, 6am – 9pm 

The Parking: Street and private lot 

Leash or No Leash: No leash 

The Dog Park: The park is well maintained and has a lot of space for the pups to play, including 2.5 acres for large dogs, and one acre of space for small dogs. 

The Doggone Details: Located behind Vina Vieja Park on Orange Grove Avenue in Pasadena, this hilly dog park is protected by a double fence, so the pups are contained without worry. The dog park has picnic tables, trash cans, waste stations, and water sources for dogs and owners alike, but has only a few isolated shade spots. 

West Hollywood Dog Park

647 North San Vicente Boulevard

West Hollywood, California 90069

(323) 848-6534

The Hours: Open daily from 6am – 12am; Closed during maintenance hours on Wednesdays from 9am – 10am (large dog park); 10am – 11am (small dog park)

The Parking: Street, garage, and private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park:  The fenced and gated dog park has two spaces, including a 4,000sf area for small dogs, and 7,000sf for the big dogs. The enclosure is comprised of K9 artificial turf and concrete and is very well maintained with plenty of hills to keep the dogs engaged and multiple water stations to rehydrate you and your pawed pal.  

The Doggone Details: Owners have the luxury of monitoring their pups from benches, while enjoying shade from live trees and vines throughout the area. 

Licenses and vaccinations are required, and owners should refrain from bringing more than three dogs at a time. 

Eagle Rock Dog Park

1100 Eagle Vista Drive

Los Angeles, California 90041

(323) 254-5295

The Hours: None listed

The Parking: Street and private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: Although the space is well maintained, comprised of artificial turf and concrete, it is small and does not provide a separate area for small and large dogs, so the pups intermingle in a securely fenced area.  

The Doggone Details: The perimeter of the park has hills and trees for the dogs to poke around and explore and should always be on leash when outside of the fenced area. The dog park is shaded in spots with tarps, as the newly planted saplings will take some time to grow and provide natural shade. 

There is plenty of bench seating for owners, and a water fountain is available with different drinking levels for both dogs and people. 

Redondo Beach Dog Park

190 Flagler Lane

Redondo Beach, California 90278

(310) 376-9263

The Hours: Daily from dusk until dawn; Closed on Wednesdays until noon for maintenance 

The Parking: Street and private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: This well-kept three-acre dog park is separated into two fenced areas; one for large dogs and one for smaller pups. 

The Doggone Details: There are almost always lots of dogs at the park, which means lots of owners to socialize with. The dog park has benches and drinking fountains for the owners and water bowls for the dogs, which is great because there is very little shade. Pooper scoopers and waste bins are available for easy clean up, which is the key to this dog park’s upkeep. 

Westwood Dog Park

1393 Veteran Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90024

The Hours: Daily from 6:30am – 10pm; Closed Wednesdays from 7am – 12pm 

The Parking: Private lot with space for approximately 20 cars; including designated handicap spots; Street parking is scarce. 

Leash or No Leash: Leash upon entry and exit; No leash within the dog park

The Dog Park: This dog park provides a unique experience for social pups, as it is comprised of dirt, grass, and concrete separated into three sections: one for large dogs; one for small dogs; and one where they can meet and play in the middle! The dog park is spacious and clean, giving the pups the play area they need to unwind. 

The Doggone Details: There is plenty of clean water at the fountains, multiple waste stations on the premises, and random balls are scattered about to toss wildly at your four-legged loved one. The dog park only allows three dogs per person at one time. 

Bluff Creek Dog Park

12604 Bluff Creek Drive

Playa Vista, California 90094

(213) 587-3798

The Hours: Weekdays, 7am – 6pm; Weekends, 8am – 6pm 

The Parking: Street only

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: Depending on the type of dog you have and the type of owner you are — the kind who doesn’t like your dog to get wet, or the kind who doesn’t care — this dog park really separates itself from the others by providing an open water stream for the pups to play in. 

There are two fenced and gated areas designed from concrete and artificial turf for the pups to roam; one for small dogs and one for their larger counterparts. 

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The Doggone Details: There is plenty of bench seating that provides full view of the dog park, water fountains, and waste stations, so owners can relax and rehydrate themselves and their pups without worry on warm days. 

It is safe to assume your pup is going to get wet, or at the very least brush up against a dog who is, so bring a towel to wipe down your furry friend before making the trip home. 

Crescenta Valley Dog Park 

3901 Dunsmore Avenue

La Crescenta-Montrose, California  91214 

(818) 249-5940

The Hours: Daily from 7am – 8pm; Fridays and Tuesdays, 9am – 8pm 

The Parking: Private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: The dog park is large enough to contain two separate sections, one for small pups and one for big dogs, that share a chain link fence where there is very little grass, as the play area is comprised of wood chips. 

The Doggone Details: Despite its easy access, there is only a single gate for entry, which isn’t exactly ideal. The dog park has limited, scattered seating, so bring a chair — and a hat or umbrella for shade during the warmer hours of the day. Water fountains and waste stations are readily available, so the space stays tidy. 

South Gate Dog Park

5400 Monroe Avenue

South Gate, California 90280

The Hours: Daily, 6am – 6pm; Although there are no maintenance hours posted, there have been reports of humans and pups being turned away at random hours while workers clean. 

The Parking: Private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash 

The Dog Park: This dog park has two very clean gated areas, one for small pups and one for large dogs; both are incredibly spacious. The gated areas are filled with dirt, which can lead to a messy pup on the way out, but there is room to walk the trails with your fur baby on a leash nearby. 

The Doggone Details: There are plenty of water fountains and waste stations, as well as benches for the humans, and fun amenities like fire hydrants and big tires for the dogs to sniff around as they play. 

The space has very little shade, which may be a leading factor in there typically being very few dogs there at the same time. 

Sepulveda Basin Dog Park

17494 Victory Boulevard 

Encino, California 91436

(818) 756-7667

The Hours: Daily, sunrise to sunset; Closed Fridays, 6:00am to 11:00am for maintenance

The Parking: Private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: This expansive dog park boasts 6.5 acres of space for pups of all sizes and personalities to play on grass and dirt. The large space is divided into three areas: one for small pups, one for large dogs, and one for timid babes, giving all our furry friends a place to call their own. 

The Doggone Details: This spacious dog park literally has it all, boasting everything from agility courses and watering spots for dogs, and pooper scoopers, waste stations, chairs, benches, and plenty of shade for the humans.



Los Angeles Dog Park Honorable Mentions

Hermon Dog Park

5568 Via Marisol

Los Angeles, California 90042

(323) 202-9261

The Hours: Daily, from dusk until dawn

The Parking: Private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: With a double-gated entrance to two different sections divided between 1.3 total acres, a dog park for small pups, and a dog park for big dogs, this mud-free space is comprised of decomposed granite, which is perfect for end of play time clean up. 

The Doggone Details: The dog park facilities include plenty of shade from the ample trees in the area, benches, and water dispensers for the dogs. Regulars suggest bringing your own waste bags to help keep the space as clean and sanitary as you found it. 

Hermon Dog Park gets an additional two paws up for hosting vaccination clinics, and social events like Yappy Hours!

The Boneyard

3160 North Canyon Drive 

Culver City, California 90232

The Hours: Daily, 6am to 10pm 

The Parking: Private lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Dog Park: The dog park is divided into two spaces, one for small dogs and one for bigger pups. While there is plenty of space for everyone, the grounds are dirt, which means it can get very dusty/muddy, depending on the wind or rain. 

The Doggone Details: Located within Culver City Park, this fun dog park is open until 10pm, and is well lit for nighttime play. There are plenty of water fountains available, but owners should bring their own waste bags. The park has a few shade trees, and bench seating for owners to rest between tossing the balls voluntarily left behind by other owners. 


Not Dog Parks, But Dog Friendly Spaces in Los Angeles

Rosie’s Dog Beach 

4800 East Ocean Boulevard (between Granada and Roycroft Avenues)

Long Beach, California 90803

(562) 570-3100

The Hours: Daily, 6am – 8pm; Beach may be closed at random times due to a special event or poor beach conditions

The Parking: Metered parking in the Bennett Avenue lot

Leash or No Leash: No leash

The Doggone Details: Los Angeles County’s only off-leash “dog beach” isn’t technically a dedicated dog beach, but it is a very dog friendly space. Like most beaches, it is not fenced, so it is up to the humans to keep an eye on their pups while they romp in the sand and surf. There are ample trash cans and bag dispensers, but it is highly recommended owners come prepared with their own.  Don’t forget your pup’s life jacket!