Interview with Founder Rachel Long of the Rapidly Growing Pet Supply Store – Pet Project LA

Hey Listers, We’re back and I’m Anthony Flores. Since recording this interview the world has completely changed and Covid 19 has severely threatened the existence of small businesses all over the country. It is almost as if we fast forwarded 10 years into the future overnight. While most small business closed down due to restrictions or realized that the inevitable was coming either way.

Our guest on todays episode Rachel Long with the fast growing pet supply store – Pet Project LA makes the decision to stay open and revamp her store to take market share in Downtown LA.

Today we’re going to learn how Rachel went from an employee at Pet Project LA – to the owner. We will also learn how she completely redesigned the shopping experience to cater to the changing landscape,  and how she is using local delivery to compete with the Amazon’s and Chewy’s of the world.

You’re going to lover her story – Enjoy the show!

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