Wondering which dog food is best for your dog?


Ever wonder what dog food brand, and type of food you should feed your dog? The answer to this can be complicated because of various factors, such as your dogs age, existing health issues, your dogs breed, and whether your dog is currently eating dry food, wet food, raw, freeze dried. Not to mention dog food flavors, such as chicken, beef, cod, or lamb, to name a few.


Which kind of dog food should we pick?

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We understand your frustration, and that is why we’ve created a simple quiz, or serious of questions to help you choose the best dog food for your dog from some of the top dog food brands like: Primal, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin, and hundreds of other dog food companies. Simply take a few minutes to help us better understand your dog, and let the Pet Food Curator do the rest of the work for you. Keep in mind, the algorithm is new and will improve over time!

Our Pet Food Curator can help you decide on the best diet for your fur baby!