What You Need to Know About Pierre

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How are you guys different from other pet software out there?

Pierre is not a replacement for your current software, but more of an addition that makes it easy for you to attract new customers, as well as serve your current customers by making it super easy to book your services in our mobile app, and web interface.

We already have a POS system?

Thats fantastic! The good thing is we are not a replacement for your POS system. We are a marketplace much like some of your popular travel sites that makes it super simple for your customer to book your services.

How are you different from all the other booking software businesses out there?

We are not a booking software business. We are a mobile marketplace that allows you to get new clients, and create better relationships with your current clients.

Can Pierre help me capture the younger generation of customers?

Pierre was built because our own personal frustration with booking pet services ourselves. We are living in an on-demand world and people prefer to not pick up the phone, or waste time unnecessarily waiting to pay you in the store. We make it as easy as 3 clicks to book your services.

We are way too busy and I cannot take on any new business.

Totally understand. Let me ask you, what do you do with the empty space when your customer reschedules or no-shows? We can ensure those spots are booked and you are paid.

I like to meet my dogs before I quote a price.

Totally understand and that makes a lot of sense. That’s why we added a feature that allows your customers to do a trial booking first to make sure their pet is a good fit for your pet service store. Full disclosure up front.